Wedding Planners- Do I actually need them?

Here’s why having a wedding planner on your side is all you need to enjoy your dream day right!!

Getting married is not a child’s play, but a remarkable event in everyone’s life. It comes true with a lot of love, time, effort & research. The day is to be the utmost important day to the couple, where confusions and mishappenings are an inevitable part, but it should not mess up your dream day. That’s where you need a wedding planner!

All you are dreaming is to smile with your loved ones, walking down the aisle towards the new life, with everything at its perfection. While you are imagining this, imagine the back work for this! Imagine the number of vendors you have to deal with, locations you have to hunt, a checklist you have to maintain, and whatnot. Stressed!? Worried!? Now imagine, getting someone who specializes in all these, and lets you sit back and relax while they take the stress with a smiling face. They are none other than a wedding event planner. From your location to all your vendors and service providers, they’ll take care of everything.

In India, wedding planning is still done by family members, where everyone divides the task among themselves rather than hiring a wedding planner. People still fail to understand and appreciate the amount of work wedding planners have to undertake. Though the work seems simple and glamorous, there goes a lot of sweat and stress behind the unseen job. Given the boom of social media and the extensive desire for the wedding to be ‘instagramable,’ the couples are now trusting a wedding planner over their relatives to handle the wedding.

Wedding Planners- Do I actually need them?
Wedding Planners actually need them
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But, how does a wedding planner help you? We are glad that you asked. Being one of the leading event organizers in Vadodara, over the last 7 years we have created the best of memories for many couples. Planning a wedding needs training, comprehensive industry knowledge, dedication, and above all the patience to listen & understand the needs and worries of the couple. Let us tell you why hiring a wedding planner is important!

Stress-Free Environment: The bride and groom cannot be focused on every minute detail. But unlike them, the wedding planners remain focused on the wants and needs and aim towards making sure that everything goes as planned. They keep an eye on everything- decor, theme, guests, transport – everything!

Organizers: That’s what the role of a wedding planner is definitely. While the word wedding brings in a whole lot of ideas & dreams in the minds of the couples, it is unconnected. The wedding planner becomes the line that connects these dots and brings your ideas to life. They also give impartial advice that will give you peace of mind, and this is the key to success.

Managing Time: Wedding planning consumes a whole lot of long working hours & makes your weekends busy. Instead of enjoying your limited bachelor time, you would be caught juggling around a never-ending list of vendors. It is a common sight where brides quit their jobs to take care of the wedding arrangements. To avoid running around like a headless chicken, do consider a wedding planner.

Handling the Last Minute Chaos: Imagine if the caterer bails out at the last minute or the baker messed up with the cake delivery!! Disasters right? Nor the bride or groom can run around to look for an alternative solution, nor the relatives would be able to find a quick fix. But a wedding planner would be able to handle such situations well with their contacts and resources.

Budget Management: The love affair of marriage costs a fortune to turn eventful. Dealing directly with the vendors will be billed higher. However, wedding planners have their network, and thus bring in cheaper deals. They hire the local service providers and thus help you get the best at the lowest cost.

Guest Hospitality: While the bride & groom plan a picture-perfect day, it is not merely about themselves but also includes the guests. It’s always a priority that the guest also gets to spend an unforgettable day. A wedding planner considers this and plans to accommodate everyone’s needs, right from elderly relatives to fun-loving toddlers. A professional wedding planner understands that every guest counts, and thus will make sure that everyone feels special and cared for.

Guaranteed Results: Experienced wedding planners like us, not only match your expectations, we simply exceed them. We at Reflection Events have always delivered great results, making sure that everything turns out perfectly amazing like a dream. We let the couple & their families enjoy the day to the fullest leaving no stones unturned to make their dream come true. As wedding planners, we not only manage the smooth flow of the event, but we stay by your side as a true friend and make your wedding look wonderful.

No doubt that wedding planning is called a stressful phase in one’s life. The to-be-wed couples are always tense, feeling stressed, and running out of time. But it doesn’t have to be like that at all. A wedding planner not only becomes the reason you enjoy your dream day but also makes you fall in love with the preparation process. The couple is an essential part of the decision-making process and works as a team. A wedding planner is someone who will become someone to count on and be available whenever their presence is needed.