Planning Events Post Covid - Things to consider

Humans are social animals who need to socialize. We can never let go or replace face-to-face meetings or handshakes or hugs. They are invaluable to us. However, the global outburst of covid-19 has been nothing less than a complete block to regular life. Restricting people inside their homes, the pandemic forced many businesses to close down. One of the industries that suffered the most is the event planning & management industry. Completely based on people and public gatherings, this sector fell drastically. The restrictions were a landslide on the business but paved the way for virtual event management and services. Even though the virtual events were a treat to the eye, they could never replace the charm of offline events.

Being one of the best event management companies in Vadodara, here’s our take on how to plan events post covid. As a whole, the event management industry has grown stronger and the best event management companies in Gujarat are working towards the solution for the whole new shift. The bond between industry associates, suppliers, vendors, venue managers, etc is joining hands to overcome the challenge.

Being a top event management company, we believe in the appetite for events & celebrations despite mass cancellations. The event organizing industry is readily adapting to this new normal now. And surprisingly the conversation rate is also greater than ever.

As event planners, we understand that there are several things that we need to take into account. The list even before Covid was never-ending. Things definitely got complicated post covid outbreak. While planning an event in this post covid situation, consider the below-mentioned checklist.

Governmental Restriction: Always keep an eye on the government restrictions regarding the maximum number of people that can gather and time limitations.

Hygiene Standards: Events might be a matter of massive scrutiny to make sure to have proper hygiene standards in place. As an event management company ensure that the activities planned are executed safely and hygienically. Even the simplest thing like passing the mic needs to be done safely. Keep alcohol-based sanitizer and a box of masks handy.

Social Distancing: It is considered one of the most effective ways to limit the virus spread. Ensure a minimum of 2 square meters of distance per person. Potential places where people could gather include restrooms and registration counters. It’s easy to claim that you are following the protocols, but in reality, it is quite difficult.

Planning Events Post Covid
Things to consider when planing events

As we move ahead in the new normal, the stress on the organizers takes another leap to ensure success in such unpredictable situations. The shift in the world is evident, and so is the change in event management. Here are a few takes on the possible change prediction in the industry.

1. Spending Difference between Business Events & Celebratory Events: Even during the hard times of covid, the demand never went away. But the difference between the celebrations and corporate events. Spending on leisure has returned to the pre-pandemic levels, while corporate events are on hold. Business travels, international trips, and group gatherings have not yet touched the previous benchmark. After a couple of deadly waves, the business conventions and trade fairs are experiencing a scarcity of attendees and remote events are considered an acceptable alternative.

2. Online Events are still preferred: People are now used to Zoom and other video conferencing platforms, as it brings in the freedom of remote working. Studies show that professionals feel more productive while working remotely and thus prefer the same for events too. Considering the fact that many people still hesitate to travel overseas, the era of virtual meetings is now here to stay. Events high on educational content are best delivered online.

3. Shift to the outdoors will be soon: Eating & drinking outdoors is one of the few things that people missed during the Covid days. People remained indoors considering it to be the safest place to be in. As long as the climate & government regulations suit it, holding an event outdoors is the most preferable option.

4. Have a responsive & flexible strategy: Based on our experience & observations, this applies to all times. The biggest flex of this industry is the uncertainty it brings in. Being an event planner, you never know what’s going to happen. Being nimble is all you can do to manage.

Even if you plan a dozen checklists, mishaps are bound to happen. Ensure to follow the necessary guidelines when conducting events in the post-Covid time. In case, if you find anyone getting sick at the event, separate them or simply ask them to leave the venue. But if their presence is evitable, provide them with a clean disposable face mask immediately. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with emergency service providers.

Planning & organizing an event in this ‘new normal’ is definitely quite challenging, but by keeping the above points in mind you can be more effective in hosting an event, adhering to today’s restrictions without compromising the experience. Don’t let the fear of Covid take away your celebrations! Contact us today to make your moments memorable.